Before kids, I used to work often until 3 or 4am. I love the small hours of the morning. Now it is not so easy, however with Miss Maggie I am having to adjust my working pattern. My hours tend to be grabbed when she naps and after she has gone to bed. Yes I am blogging about work now. 11.15pm.

Now I am used to it the pet portraits are coming along nicely. I would like to add August is getting booked up so, yes I hate to say it, Christmas bookings will start soon.

I finished off the triple dog portrait and I also started and finished Max. I am really pleased with how Max has turned out. I will be framing his portrait this weekend.and my client will be collecting early next week.

I have also started a portrait of a gorgeous black lab sitting on a hay bale. The hay was fun to do. I haven’t painted hay before, but I tackled it much like I do grass in my paintings.

The dachshund TJ, belonging to my neighbours sister has been sketched out and will be well underway by the end of the weekend. It is a belated birthday present.

My Facebook page has been neglected a bit, I need to start posting more regularly on there. I enjoy the interactions with people and I have just been so slack. If you haven’t please pop over and say hi. I’d love to have a natter or answer any questions.

Updates on TJ to follow this weekend. If all goes well I plan to go back to the studio as I am hoping Maggie will be my studio buddy.

Have a great weekend everyone.