Not many people realise that over half my time is spent doing other things and not working on my pet portraits. Today was one of those days.

I packed up Digby’s portrait and posted him, hopefully my client will get him tomorrow. I have prepped for a double portrait and can start sketching it out tomorrow, I have also started packing up Sam’s dog portrait of whom I didn’t manage to share with you so I shall remember to go back and edit the post to add them!

I have also go  a friend to start reworking my Fine Art website, which I am exceedingly excited about. I will have some pet portraits on there, but he is going to add all my watercolour paintings, wildlife art and even a proper shop. I have wanted this for ages so I really can’t wait to get it underway.

Tomorrow it will back to the easel with my double dog portrait which I can’t wait to start after no creativity today