Didn’t manage to get into the studio today, but I did expect that. What I didn’t expect was to feel so lousy. I didn’t get much sleep and I think I have picked up my husbands bug as I feel washed out and under the weather.

I did manage to pack up Bruno’s portrait and I will be taking him to the post office tomorrow. Sunny’s owners are delighted with his portrait so I have now signed and part packed him ready to ship too.

I have also managed to get two coats of the special watercolour ground down on my large canvas, I will probably put another two on tomorrow, as it’s so large I want to make sure it is properly covered, since I am painting white on to white you can’t always tell!

Hopefully if I feel better I will start a lovely chocolate lab’s portrait tomorrow. Her name is Maggie and they are friends of mine in our village, so I took photos of her myself and have a really nice reference image to work from. I have a wedding present to do and my order book is pretty full, so I really need to get cracking with this huge list of pet portraits I have!

Have a good evening and I will be back tomorrow!