Wow what a hectic day. I was up early and replying to emails and putting a frame order together. I needed to order a frame for one the prints going to West kent mind and one for a pet portrait commission. 

I need to order sone more but didn’t have a chance to check and one of these frames is needed for dog portrait that I will be starting this week and finishing and posting next.

Monday tends to be a bit of a me day. Those of you with kids will realise that does not t happen on weekends anymore and week days are more opportune for it, if the kids are at school or preschool anyway.

I do my nordic walking today and decided to really push myself. Liz our instructor is fantastic. When she maps the routes out she includes little diversions or extensions for the people who want to really work out and keeps a gentler route for those who don’t. Well this one had steps. Steps that went on forever and were cruelly steep. I can assure you my glutes are hurting tonight. I have had an Epsom salt bath. But I am not sure it’s going relieve it much. But I am thinking about all the toning it will, hopefully, have done!

When I got back after posting my latest commission I returned to work on Oakleys portrait. I am really enjoying working on him as I mentioned yesterday. The bottom of his paws are cut off so I decided to place him in some grass which will also match his lovely Christmas bow tie. 

I think I will fade out the background to a pale blue as that will compliment the sandy tones of his fur. I am hoping I will get his portrait finished tomorrow and then I can start the springer dog portrait also due this month and then it’s on the Christmas commissions in earnest and some late evenings I think!

Here is today’s progress so it Oakleys portrait. I really love his sweet face! Updates on the portrait tomorrow.

thought I would include some of my pencils for good measure!