Yesterday I was unwell, so apart from framing Henry’s pet portrait and having it collected and posting the Husky portrait, the rest of the day was spent under the duvet.

However I have been feeling a lot better today, and have been working on another project I have planned, but it is not at the sharing stage yet! Hopefully within the next few moths.

I have sketched out Sunny’s portrait. An absolutely stunning golden working cocker spaniel. Hopefully I will be able to make a start on him tomorrow. I also want to prep a big canvas for a huge water colour portrait of a greyhound called Blue. It will 30×30 inches so It’s a big one. It might have to be prepped on the kitchen floor, and probably painted on there too!

I have also to plan two giraffe paintings at 100cm x 100cms. I can’t wait for those as they are going to have some gold leaf on them too! How exciting. I love trying out new mediums.

I shall post some progress of Sunny’s portrait tomorrow. I need to place a frame order tomorrow too. I have a lot of work on so I shall be working the most weekends now on in, especially as the Christmas rush will soon be on me!