Ugh! So cold today. I love the cold, but not when I have to pack up the car for a show when it’s snowing! What’s even worse is the show is in a big glass house with not a lot of heating. I think tomorrow could be a cold day and one to wrap up warm. I have lit the fire now, so at least I will be warm tonight, apart from when I take the dogs out. Brrr.

As most of my day was spent packing and organising I didn’t really get into the painting side of things, so as I was a little distracted I spent my time prepping 3 portraits for next week so I can hit the ground running. I sketched out Monty the cocker spaniel, a triple horse portrait and a show jumping horse So now I have 4 pantings ready to start next week as I also prepped Romeo’s earlier on in the week. Now it is time to chill as I have a very early start in the morning!