It was a whole studio day today. I returned to a very old portrait of a dog called Scooby. It was a gift voucher that was gifted nearly two years ago now. Unfortunately my client has been unwell so the communication has been a bit hit and miss and alse with my struggles earlier in the year it hasn’t helped either. He was finished pretty much, but she wanted a change to the background which I have been working on today. It still needs some tweaking tomorrow.

I also returned to the black lab dog portrait. I had been worried about it as I felt it hadn’t been coming together well. Sometimes portraits don’t click right until the end and it can be a bit of a worry! This is as one of them, but I feel a lot happier with it this evening. I shall take photos of both pet portraits tomorrow as I forgot today and upload them.

I got a lovely couple of testimonials from from clients for recent portraits completed so I will add those and I need to update the pet portrait galleries with some new work soon as it has been a while. 

Last but not least I think I have finally finished Oakley’s painting. As usual I will leave him over night and return to make any amendments tomorrow that need to be done. Hopefully there won’t be many to do.

Here is a very bad photo of the portrait, again I will take a better one. 

He is son handsome and I made the background pick up the colours in his bow tie. As you can see the hue is slightly off in the photo I have taken, but you get the general idea. I think he looks quite regal sitting there.

Oh I nearly forgot I sketched out the horse portrait I have been so excited to start. I can’t wait to get cracking with that on Thursday!

Have a great evening