It can be quiet isolating being a pet portrait artist and working alone. That is where my dogs and cat play a big part in my life, for company. It is quite lucky though, that I don’t mind be on my own for large amounts of the day. Saying that it is always nice to have a natter with people and make new friends.

This weekend my best friend of 15 years came back to England for two weeks and I spent a lot of time with her over the weekend. I remember telling her I was 8 weeks pregnant with Nicola just before she went to Australia. I can’t believe it is all that time. Over 12 years now. Crazy.

It was so lovely to catch up and it is always like we have never left off. She has know gone to her mums 90th this week and i will see her again before she flies back to Australia.

Walking Maggie the other day we bumped into one of Leo’s school friends and his Nan. She only live 30 seconds down the road, but I have never really spoken to her. We had a lovely chat and it turns out she is a sculptor. Fantastic I thought so I told her I was a pet portrait artist. I love talking about art to other artists so we are having a coffee together next week while the boys play!

I finally framed Max and he was collected today by his owner. He was delighted and we had a lively chat about Max. He was 19 years old and a rescue. I thought he was all border collie, but he also had some husky in him. Either way he was a handsome boy.

Belwo you can see the framed portrait.

Ooops no you can’t as I forgot to take a photo!

Instead here is the framed portrait of George that is going out in the post tomorrow. I love the frame, it works so well with his portrait. What do you think? 

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