As Christmas approaches my home is rapidly filling up with boxes taking up every room and it’s not just the regular stream of Amazon gift deliveries and my art supplies (pastels, paper, frames etc) coming through the front door!

This is the busiest week of my year and with last postal and courier Christmas deadlines rapidly approaching any space that is left in the house is quickly filled with packed up commissions ready for a collection or delivery to the local post office.

And this year, on top of all my Christmas commissions, my new range of big cats, which I have had produced as limited edition prints have nearly all sold out with ‘Lines of Love’, ‘Double Trouble’ and ‘Sibling Rivalry’ all proving very popular.

I am looking forward to the holiday but first I need to get through the school plays, end of term parties and final bits of shopping for the stockings.

However with orders starting to come in for as far away as next summer and with a full order book for January and February already I expect I will be sneaking into the studio whilst the kids play with their presents – I hope!

Merry Christmas to you all.