As I had the go ahead to frame Charlie’s dog portrait I had a dilemma with the box it came in. I have been storing it in my son’s bedroom (much to his disgust) as it was literally huge. One problem it also didn’t fit in my car! I had to cut it down a little bit, but not so much that there wasn’t enough protection around the frame. It’s really hard work lugging a 100cm x 100cm x 50cm box up stairs , downstairs and in and out of the car. When it was all packed up it didn’t half weigh alot!

Any after the my huge battle with the box I finally managed to get it to fit the car. I was exhausted!

Here is Charlie all framed.20170725_123203


I also framed my little Splash panting who has hopefully arrived safe and sound. I was fond of that little chap. They look so good in the white frames I use. You can see him below.20170725_105258

Worked some more on Alfie’s portrait and we are nearly done here too. Waiting for my new frame order to arrive and the he will be ready to go too.