I am so looking forward to this pet portrait. Fudge is a stunning chocolate labrador and the background is a slightly out of focus rose bush. I do love these detailed backgrounds with my pet portraits. I love getting into all the detail, it is so satisfying!

Here is the reference photo for Fudges portrait. I may soften the roses a little more as I don’t want them competing with him, but we shall see as the painting progresses.

Fudge, reference photograph for his dog portrait. Sotting in front of a rose bush

Fudge is now underway and it is certainly taking some time with all those detailed roses in the background. It will be worth it though as I believe her pet portrait is really going to look wonderful. 

I have taken some progress shots of the progress, but I haven’t been working in the most logical manner for her dog portrait, jumping between Fudge and the background. This is done to maintain interest between the two things, particularly as the roses and leaves are taking an immense amount of concentration. Also by going between the two helps keep them in harmony. It can be very easy when working on a detailed backgrounds in your pet portraits to make the subject either look like they are just sat on top and not part of the background or overall piece or to perhaps make the background over power the subject. By working on them together I make them compliment each other rather than compete. 

Fudge, Dog Portrait Last Stages

This has been a challenging commission, so I have really enjoyed it. The WIP progress shots I have taken will be updated in due course. It has been worked on in bite size pieces as it has taken a lot of cencentration. The ugly stage has been going on a long time. Every pet portrait goes through one, but I have to be honest I was worried this one wouldn’t click into place. I knew if it did it would be really good, and I think I am there finally! 

I returned to Fudge’s dog portrait after a good 5 days off as I really needed to take a break and collect my thoughts. So glad that decision was taken as she seems to have fallen into place today. Tomorrow will be another return with fresh eyes and the scan and hopefully she will be ready for signing and framing.

The moral of the story is never give up. If need be take a step back and revisit after a break. Fresh eyes and mind can work wonders with the tricky pet portrait commissions!