I have been asked for years and years if I will paint or draw people. It has always been something I have avoided. Confidence being one issue, animals have always been my first love to paint also.

A few years ago a lady who had children in my daughters class approached me to do a portrait of her two children as a gift to her husband for his birthday. Finally bit the bullet and accepted. Only in graphite.. I was no where near brave enough to attempt flesh in colour. Anyway I was was relatively pleased with the result but being an artist and a perfectionist I knew I had a long way to go. I still do now if I am perfectly honest.

Last year I was approached to paint two boys and their dog in the same painting. Not only did my client want it in pastels but I also had to photograph them. We did that back in February and after a cold morning at Knole Park I managed to get enough photos together to paint their portrait. I surprising enjoyed it and my client was over the moon with the finished piece.

When my friend Tony then approached my to a portrait of his two children I accepted with a little more confidence. It was a return to graphite, which is a lively medium to use. I also the the photos for the portrait. 

I have very nearly finished it and I need to leave it over night to see if anything jumps out at me for any adjusting.

I think I need to be braver with my contrast in the shadows, but I don’t want their faces to become too harsh, but as with anything art related it is a constant learning curve and I we never stop learning. That’s why I love what I do so much. Every medium requires practice and you learn through other artists and happy accidents. 

Anyway enough of my prattle here is the portrait. 

Sorry its not the best photo as it was snapped under my kitchen lights. When I have made the final adjustments I will get a better photograph tomorrow 


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