As the title says really. I have finally edited and produced my first full pet portrait video! Yes it’s a bit rough and ready.. Mainly because the time lapse stopped filming at points and the lighting changed. I will have to think about those, but for the time being I am really proud of it. For someone who doesn’t have a clue. Yes I had to ask my 12 year old daughter at times with the video editing app, but it’s actually quite easy and intuitive on the whole.

So here it is meet Milly and here is her portrait.

Not bad for a first attempt eh?!

In milly’s Portrait you can see I did the background last. Normally I would do it first or part way through, not right at the end. I did with Milly because I was totally stuck for what colour to use. 

It is easier to do it firat and use a stiff brush to remove any pastel that overlaps the out line. It is easier to get the pastel pencil to overlap the soft pastel this way. 

In the horse portrait I am working on I did it mid way. I don’t know why as I did know what my client wanted in the way of a background, but I am quite a random worker. Even my son said so when he watched me the other night. 

Here though you can see I lay the pastel down and blend it with my fingers. I then look and see if it looks right, and add some more colour and repeat. 

I keep doing this until I get the shade I want and where I want them. It can be a fiddle process with these blended backgrounds as they are tricky to get the colour exactly where you want them. 

As far as blending goes I use my finger. Really you should wear gloves to stop any grease that maybe on you fingers. I also find the edge of my thumb is the best for the final blending and finishing up.

The background is an integral part to any portrait, just as much as the portrait itself. I chose colours that either pick out part of the animals colouring or are complimentary to them. Most of the time. As with any rules in the art word they can be broken successfully. And of course it doesn’t apply if I am doing a detailed background. Get some ideas for you portrait from previous ones in mypet portraits gallery 

I might do a blog post on the different scenic backgrounds I have done for various pet portraits next actually. It is useful when deciding what you want for your dog portrait or horse or any animal for that matter.

On another note I am coming down with a bug. My glands are up and I feel pretty ropey so I am typing all this from my bed! Hopefully a good night’s sleep will see me fit for another day in the studio tomorrow!