Well this is a bit weird, I could have sworn there was a long post I started here to add to when I got a chance and there is nothing here! I can’t even remember what I wrote.

Anyway I shall try and start again. You may have read about my fun with coloured pencils over here as I want to start accepting pet portrait commissions as soon as possible. I will still offer my pastel pet portraits, but I am finding they are irritating me a bit with the dust and it’s causing me to cough. However pastels will always be my top medium to work in. It was strange, I almost knew from very early on they were going to be the medium for me, but I kept struggling and I didn’t know why. It was when I joined some art forums and I found other artists who kindly helped me that I discovered different surfaces to work on and that is when my love affair really took off with them. I had amazing support and advice from a few artists, one being Mary Herbert. She is an amazingly talent pastellist and she took so much time out to help me. I like to pay it forward where I can so never be afraid to ask a question. I know a lady emailed me the other week and I deleted it in error asking for some advice and she shared some coloured pencil tips with me, so I would love to hear back from you and I can help where I can.

Anyway back to the commissions of 2020.

Murphy Black and White Springer Spaniel Dog Portrait
Murphy pastel dog portrait

Now if you have followed me for a while you know how much I love my spaniels! Thos curly ears and gorgeous soulful eyes, I can’t get enough of painting them. Murpy was no exception and I had great delight to paint his portrait for my client. I chose the greenish background as it seems that I have reached for blue a lot recently so it felt a change was needed. Both myself and my client were delighted with how his portrait turned out.

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Teddy. Cat Pet Portrait

I rarely get asked to paint cats, I have no idea why. It is a shame really, they must be loved as much as their canine counterparts. Dog portraits are by far the most asked for followed by horse portraits. It is always a delight to get a cat portrat.

Teddy or Bear as he is affectionately know is a gorgeous tabby with a big whit bib. I loved getting all those tabby flecks and stripes in his for. His portrait measured 10×8 inches with a warm blue background opposed to the cool blue background often used in my pet portraits.

Cat pet portrait in pastels
Triple Dog Portrait

This was quite a tricky pet portrait to do as it was three dogs on a paper size I wouldn’t normally use for this many dogs. It would norally be larger. Couple with the fact some of the reference photographs weren’t the best to work from. However, overall the portrait turned out very well and I am more than happy to accomodate your multiple subject pet portraits. Most importantly, my client was over the moon.

triple dog portrait in pastels

Double Labrador Dog Portrait

And the most recent pet portrait fresh off the easel is this gorgeous pair of yellow labs. Two brothers and one has sadly crossed the rainbow bridge. My client wanted them painted exactly as they were and in the foilage. 

It was a tricky piece as the background was very detailed, but I decided to tone it down a bit. Made the focus softer so as not to compete with the dogs. Both myself and my client were delighted with how it turned out.

Double yellow labrador dog portrait