I had the privilege to meet the gorgeous Poppy today. I was a bit worried the photo shoot might have to be cancelled when I woke up as it was so gloomy and damp. Luckily by the time 11 am came round the weather was perfect for capturing her sweet little face. She is 12 years old and was the perfect model. I managed to capture some really lovely photos of her and it will be a delight to do her pet portrait.

Below you can see a couple of my favourite photos.

IMG_6933 IMG_6946Isn’t she gorgeous?

I worked some on Oscars portrait and a horse called Vespa. Oscar doesn’t look quite right so I need to take another look at where I may have gone wrong with fresh eyes in the morning. I think his mouth is slightly out, but the beauty of pastels is they are so easy to correct, unlike a medium like acrylics.

I am having trouble accessing my facebook messages at the moment, so I really need people to email me, if anyone is reading this blog!

I also framed up a Lawsey print ready to go to Made In Kent tomorrow. I really love her and she looks great in the white frame I use! You can see a photo of her below.20170926_160535I am hoping to get a full day in the studio tomorrow. I really have a lot of commissions to get through before my October holiday, my last break before Christmas. No rest for the wicked!