Bonnie’s portrait is now on the way to her owners. This portrait is a wedding gift to his wife. I hope she is pleased.

I started the Red setter portrait today. Just sketching out the outlines and tomorrow I will be blocking in the darks and lights and building up the depth. I think we are going for a green background to much the lovely russet colours in the dog. I do love setters, or any gun dog breed.

I also have very nearly finished my polar bear painting. I am.not 100% sure yet its quite done, but I can’t decide what needs tweakibv yet. Maybe the foreground. What do you think?


Overall I am quite pleased with this, and who doesn’t love the Northern lights? I have seen them all the way down here, near London. A very rare occurence that I feel honoured to have seen.

When I am happy with this I will scan it in and make prints available.