With the weekend weather more people seem to be coming out of
hibernation. Five commissions since Friday!

So why do people want pet portraits. In my experience there are several key reasons. The bond between animal and human has been strong for thousands of years and owners want to capture that loyalty in a unique colour image either of the attentive or playful look or
even at work such as with gun dogs.

Apart from having a quality and special piece of artwork on the wall in the home it is a constant reminder of a beloved four legged companion.

Many requests are for pets who have  sadly left their owners often commissioned by a family member to help them get over their loss.

Above all most of my work is for people who want to buy a loved one a unique gift as a present for that special occasion of birthdays or Christmas especially if that person is difficult to buy for or surprise.

Inevitably therefore the pressure for me really starts
from the summer
– 6 months before the festive period even begins!