Sorry for the radio silence, I can’t tell you how tired I have been since the show I did last Friday. I think it must have been because I got sooooo cold. It has been a real struggle to get on with anything, so I have just been working on the essential Christmas commissions. Today is the first day I felt much better so I have really got my head down. I started a triple horse portrait commission, framed Buddy’s portrait and finished another Go me! I have been dealing with a client regarding a triple sheep portrait and signing and mounting 15 prints to go to Made In Kent tomorow.

I have literally just finished those and thought I had better do a blog post as it has been a while.

Here is Buddy’s portrait all completed. What a gorgeous Vizsla he is! Look at his expressive eyebrows….so sweet. Ony kidding, I can’t share it as it’s a Christmas gift.

I hate not being able to share all the lovely pet portraits I do until the New Year, but there is nothing I can do about it.


Instead I have posted a selection of the prints going to Made In Kent tomorrow Which one do you like best? Mine is the baby elephant – called Bath Time, how cute is he?!

20171205_165051 20171205_165159 20171205_165415 20171205_165418 20171205_165717