Queenie is a stunning dog I am honoured to paint. I love sight hounds, their grace and beauty. I’d love to have the opportunity to paint one in full flight one day…..so perhaps if you fancy a painting and have a photo……..drop me an email!!

My client wanted Queenie wanted a time lapse video of the portrait, so my studio, well the part that shows in the time lapse at least, has had a big spring clean.

Below is the reference photo I will be using for Queenie’s portrait. My client has asked me to open up her eyes slightly which I have done and take the tag off her collar. They wanted her white flash on her chest to be featured in the portrait as well.

I haven’t really added much about Queenie’s portrait as I have been busy filming her while I work and it doesn’t seem worth adding snippets of video everyday. Anyway I have pretty much finished her now. Just a return with fresh eyes tomorrow of Sunday.

Her fur was quite tricky and it was built up of many, many layers to get the depth and flecks of grey and white looking right.

This was also one of the rare occasions I actually blend with my finger. I say blending, don’t really blend hard just gently tap down with my finger to soften the pencil strokes and then add more and repeat. It makes the fur look far more realistic. I would do this process with a brindle.

I am not sure.the time lapse will really pick it up, what I might do when my filming gets better is add little instructional videos to explain how I use different techniques to achieve different effects.


I finally got round to scanning Queenie’s portrait yesterday. I am just waiting to hear back from my client for approval of her finished portrait!

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