Resized_20170324_091048The evenings are my time to try out new ideas to add to my new Rainbow Watercolour range of wild and domestic animals. It’s nice to take a break from my main pastel pet portrait work. I, like many it seems, particularly love owls so last week I produced my first owl painting for fun.

No sooner had I put it on my Facebook page than a client in Austria bought it for his wife. This caused problems because my best friend (and a customer too) also saw it and she contacted me asking to buy it. To solve the problem I painted another for her which she collected today.

Then lo and behold another of my customers said she also wanted the original. So, not wanting to disappoint again, here is my third owl of the last ten days heading up north to brighten up another home!

It’s worth remembering that I don’t just produce pet portraits. I am also regularly commissioned to paint a range of wild and domestic animals from around the world in both my Rainbow Watercolour style as well as in lovely rich pastels.