I really need to stop being lazy and go upstairs and fire up my scanner as it’s really hard to get a decent photo with my camera. Anyway I that said I did take a photograph of Rebus’ portrait today. It really doesn’t do him justice, as I am really pleased with this portrait.

I also attempted to get a photo of the graphite cocker spaniel pup, again it isn’t the best, but it is very gloomy out so that might not be helping.





I also started work on Poppy’s portrait and I would love to get her finished tomorrow if I can so I can start on a new portrait for Monday, new week, new start!

I have so many exciting pet portraits to choose from I really don’t know which one to start next. The cow maybe fun, but Basil is a really sweet dachshund, and then I have horses to do and I even have a triple sheep commission coming up!

I love my job!