If you have been following my normal weekly blog you will realise this week hasn’t been the most productive due some personal reasons. I am hoping next will be better, although it is busy with other commitments, but I always find time for my artwork, since it is my first love after my family. I guess you could say it runs in my veins!

Anyway onto some pet portraits I have actually manage to get done this week. The commissions for the rainbow watercolours are slowly trickling in to my absolute delight! A few weeks ago I had an enquiry for two paintings of this gorgeous pair. Tinker being the Sprollie and and Mischief the labrador. These are the reference photos my client supplied



I decided for both portraits I would remove the collars and in the case of Tinker the coat too. Not really much point keeping them in and distracting from their beautiful faces! Also as far as Mischief is concerned, it looks like he is sniffing something. A treat perhaps, to get him to pose? Who knows. Anyway it makes his face look slightly twisted, so I also straightened that up and planned to paint him without the wet look too!

I worked on these over two days and I kept the colours similar in both. Mainly as they are similar colours and also I presume my client will be hanging them together. I used purples and blues mostly, with some magenta. For anyone who wondered I use watercolour tubes. Mainly winsor and newton and schmincke, with some Daniel Smith watercolours.

As with pastels all their colours vary slightly and I use whatever works best for the particular colour I want.

So below we have Mischief’s pet portrait.

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And here is Tinker’s pet portrait


I think they look great together and my client is really pleased with them, so that is the main thing. Nothing I love more than my client who is over the moon with their portraits.

I have a double watercolour pet portrait being sketched out on the easel at the moment, so look out for the blog on that one soon. I am looking forward to using some different colours in this one, and I am testing out some new colour combinations on a scrap of paper as we speak. Best to try out it out in the rough before the actual painting in case I don’t like it as I really don’t want to restart if I can absolutely help it!

Have a great Friday evening x