Sam’s portriat seemed to go down a treat and he was framed, packed and posted yesterday. Have a look at his blog and you can see my attempt to take some different photos too!

I have also been juggling a couple of other pet portraits, as usual I like to work on a few at a time because it keeps my eyes fresh on each painting and it also brings a bit of variety to my work load. I have also decided on my next non commission piece, very excited to start work on that. More on this later.

So I have been working on the gorgeous Seren’s horse portrait. It was a gift voucher purchased Christmas last year and it took them a while to find/take the photograph they wanted me to work from. Anyway the eventually foun the perfect one and here is Seren’s finished portrait. What do you think? She has lovely rich red/orange browns, very autumnal colours! I really wanted to capture these in her portrait.

I have also been working on a lovely minature schnauzer Bonita who is making her way to sunny Spain as we speak. Lucky Bonita, I wish I was with her. Mind you at least it hasn’t been raining today. What I would do to be able to walk a few miles in the sunshine. Hey ho.

Here is her beautiful portrait. It is not a breed I have done many of, but I o love them! My neighbour opposite has just got a puppy and he is soooooo cute. He also gives my dogs barking a run for their money hahaha!

I have also been busy framing Max and Tia’s portrait. It has taken a while, some portraits do but I am pretty sure I am happy there are no specks or anything between the mount and glass so I can get some final photos and package them up ready for posting Monday! I will miss them. It feels like they have been a constant companion for the last 6 weeks!