I occasionally get the chance to do wildlife. Yesterday my mojo and desire to paint pet portraits was a bit lacking so I decided to revisit an old wildlife piece I had started two years ago! That shows you how busy it gets with the pet portraits! I haven’t had a chance to look at it for that long.

I stupidly forgot to take a photo of it, but I am very excited about it. 3 polar bears under the northern lights.

Have you ever seen the northern lights? I have. Walking down from the pub late one night after an impromptu late night. I live in Kent. It’s exceedingly rare to see them this far down and south of London. I think it’s only happened two or three times.

Today I started one of two chihuahua portraits. This will be the third and fourth portrait for my client. The reference photos are a little tricky but I am pretty confident I can work with them.

I also sketched out my first horse portrait this year! Finally. I am so excited to be painting a horse again!

When I get a second I need to put together the video of Barney’s portrait.

Have a great weekend!