Royston is a beautiful GSD. I have been asked to paint him running across the beach. This is where the beauty of commission a pet portrait over just have a photograph printed is realised.

Royston is wearing a harness, but my client wants that removed, a very fiddly thing to do to a photograph unless you have the know how! Also the beach wasn’t very nice above him, just a pile of rocks. Well that has been removed and the sea and sky put in it’s place.

Also the photograph isn’t the best, but I can use my many years of producing pet portraits to really bring Royston to life and fill the the details that are missing from this less than sharp photograph

Here you can see the photo I have to work with. It’s not very sharp or close up, but I can work with it. Sometimes I do have to turn down commissions due to poor photographs, but luckily with this one there was enough for me to work with.

Here I have started filling the sea and sand behind Royston and you can see him taking shape. Unfortunately I can’t seem to rotate him so you need to lay your head sideways!

Tomorrow I am busy getting ready for a show in Lingfield, a Heavy Horse show, so if you are in the area pop by and say hi on Sunday where you can see my watercolour work and chat to me about my art. More on Royston in a few days!