I know I have been a bit slack with blog posts and updating you with recent pet portrait news recently. I must apologise for this. There has been a number of reasons, firstly the madness of Covid, but I think everyones world has been turned upside down by this nightmare. The second reason is something a little more exciting. 

Maybe a link to this video will give you a little clue……

If you still aren’t 100% sure I will tell you. 

Excting News for Sarah’s Pet Portraits

I have been mulling it over fo rmany months, umming and ahhhing as to whether it is something I can do. It has taken a lot of research and investment and I am still learning and not quite ready, but very, very close I hope to launching first my You Tube Channel and hopefully following soon my Patreon channel. It is going to continue to be a huge learning curve, but I want to help people learn to love pastels like I do. I want to teach people to create beautiful pet portraits and wildlife portraits and learn the tips and tricks I have to working with this wonderful medium over the last 14 years.

I will also be documenting my journey with coloured pencils and other materials that I dabble in such as watercolours and acrylics. I am going to have to build it up slowly and I don’t think I will be doing a full launch just yet as editing videos takes many, many hours and my commission book is very busy at the moment, but I hope to start getting some Youtube videos up soon and Patreon to follow in the coming months, probably the New Year.


I dont know how many of you are familiar with Patreon, but you sign up to a tier of your choice. I am thinking of offering 3 at the moment, and for a small fee each tier will give you access to different things, and the content from the tier below. The higher the tier the more content and support you will get.

I am trying to finalise what I can offer in each tier to start of with, and of course as my experience, speed at editing and confidence increases I plan to offer more in the current tiers and perhaps more tiers too!

It is so exciting and I have lots of ideas.

Please follow my facebook page and check back here for more updates!

You can see the portrait from which I created the tutorial, Arlo and Winston

Cat and dog portrait in pastels

Please watch how I create Arlo’s pet portrait in pastels here

Other News at Sarah’s Pet Portraits

I have to say I have been so busy with commissions, I feel totally blessed to have been in this situation when I know so many people haven’t been so fortunate. So thank you everyone who has come to me about commissioning a pet portrait.

One of my favourite dog portraits has been of the gorgeous fox red labrador Alfie. He is lying on a gorgeous pale teal blanket which was so much fun to recreate and he looked stunning against the colour of it. The folds were tricky and I have filmed how I did created it. I wonder if anyone would be interested to see. Let me know and I can put it together.

His portrait measures 14×11 inches and I used pan pastels for the blanket and cushions and pastel pencils for Alfie.

Alfie, fox red labrador dog portrait

I have also completed a video on how I drew Alfie’s blanket in his dog portrait. I used a mix of pan pastels and coloured pencils to paint this. The pan pastels were used as the under painting if you were, to block in the values and the pastel pencils were then used to add detail and texture to the blanket. This method can be used for creating all your pet portraits too. I don’t tend yet, but I am planning a tutorial on how to do it.

For the time being please watch my introduction to pan pastels and then my video on Alfie.