Not been much action on the pet portrait front the last couple of days sadly. Going to have to really get into gear this week.

I had my show Friday which went well, but it was oh so cold. We were in a glass house in Coolings Garden Centre and I swear the temp never got about about 5 degrees in there. I had 4 tog socks on, thermals as well, but I got frozen. You know what it is like when you get that cold, you can never seem to heat up again. I think I have only just regained my body temperature today. What didn’t help is I have been dog sitting this weekend. My Luke doesn’t fuss about long walks, as long as he gets out, but George needs to have a good old march. Being a working cocker spaniel he loves to run in the woods and chase pheasants and squirrels. He would make a useless gun dog though! He hates any loud noises. For example the buzzer on the cooker is enough to make him try and climb on my lap. He is such a big baby. After we got back from the walk today I asked to be dried off and be put in his jumper! Love him so much. I am going to miss him when he goes tonight

I have managed to start the show jumping portrait at least, and after a good nights sleep and not having to get up at te crack of dawn to take George out, I should have a better days work. Luke is lazy, he won’t even be dragged out before 11!!