For my Sainsbury delivery. So rock and roll. It is a bit of a funny time to start anything knowing I am going to have to get up and unload my shopping any moment, so I decided to do a few other little bits while I wait. I put together a couple of gift vouchers bought for Christmas as I am now not taking on anymore commissions. In fact my commission book is full until February.

It made me think how funny it was just chatting to the Sainsbury delivery driver two weeks ago got me my very last two pet portrait commissions for Christmas. I could only squeeze him in as he is local and will be picking up. It is also on the understanding it will be right before Christmas.

I would really like to get all the portraits finished by the end of the week after next so I can have the weekend before Christmas with the kids watch Christmas films and chilling for a few days as I need to get going again ASAP as I have a lot booked in for Jan, which is fab, but I do need a little break with my family.

I framed another portrait today. I love this frame and it matches the painting perfectly. What do you think? Waiting for approval from my client and then she will come and collect at some point.



I love it when a client chooses something different framewise. I seem to get mainly the same frame choices for most pet portraits so it is nice to seem something else.

I shall now start updating my client list for 2018 so I know exactly where I am commission wise. Still no delivery either!