I meant to update you with Murphy’s portrait, the owner was delighted and the painting was framed and shipped today, for delivery tomorrow. My client chose a lovely dark wood, almost black frame to compliment him and it works really well. I am so pleased with how  it turned out and I just love to see them framed. It really finishes off the portrait. Here is a photo of him all tucked up in his frame ready to go to his forever home!

I thought also I would show you the pen and watercolour painting I am working on at the moment. My client contacted me as she has been disappointed with portraits completed by other artists and came to me to see if I could help her. I feel sad for people who get let down by artists. Whilst I don’t know the circumstance of this persons situation other than she wasn’t happy, it doesn’t always pay to go with the cheapest artist you see out there. There is definitely something in the saying you get what you pay for when commissioning a pet portrait.

Any way here we are, now ready for the watercolor stage. I use a waterproof pen that will resist water. Be careful, because I have used pens that claim to be waterproof on pet portraits before and when I have applied the watercolour the paint has run into the ink and ruined the painting. I highly recommend Faber-Castell pitt pens and you can get all sorts of size tips depending on what you want to achieve. I also use NOT watercolour paper for these pet paintings as I quite like the rougher texture as it enables me to get lots of different types of marks with pens to create texture, fur and detail also.

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