I really wouldn’t blame you if you thought, not much unusual can go wrong being a pet portrait artist, and to be fair 90% of the time it just ticks along quite happily. The most unusual thing normally is perhaps the request to paint an exotic breed, and even that doesn’t happen much.

Well anyway 3 weeks ago you may remember me doing Didz’s portrait, black cat in front of a field….average cat portait, very pleased client, arrived safe and sound. I breathe a sigh of relief and then move on the next paint until this email arrives on the following Monday

”Thanks so much for painting the portrait of Diz for me and sending it to my work. I’m afraid to say something awful has happened…..’

How could I bare to read on…..

I left the picture in it’s box over the weekend because I didn’t want ***** to see it when I took it home, but the cleaner saw the box and thought it was empty and so threw it out(!!!!) I was both livid and sad this morning when I couldn’t find it, but the office manager has contacted the cleaner who said they did throw it out.

What do I saw to that! I was devastated and so was my client. Luckily his company have paid for a full replacement pet portrait and this time it will be his wedding present to her, rather than a birthday present.

Next time I will tell you about the guy who wanted to send me his taxidermied boxer dog to paint from!

From one boxer dog to another I met Barney today! A brindle boxer who’s Mum who had received a voucher for her 60th birthday. What a beautiful boy he is.

Here are some of the best photos. Can’t wait to paint this handsome chaps portrait.