Apologies for anyone waiting for my updates on drawing realistic fur for your pet portraits. It been one of those weeks. I have been not so well and lots of enquiries and just, well you know. We all have these sort of weeks! All sorts of craziness. I thought it was going to be a quiet week. The enquiries for pet portraits however is good news!

Anyway next week and for the foreseeable future I have lots and lots of quiet studio time lined up so the lessons will continue.

I hope to show more on the flat coat retriever I am working on and also another Springer Spaniel.

I am also very excited to be working with a photographer, Emily Murdoch, who is letting me use her stunning gun dog images. One being a super cute black Labrador puppy. I might do a detailed WIP of this one as I intend to take my time. Hopefully this piece will end up in a future exhibition.

Have a great weekend and I promise to catch up next week.