Well what can I say, the weather down here in the south east has been awful. I wanted to get a couple of pet portraits out of the studio to frame, but it’s been to wet to risk moving them. Why in the kitchen you may ask? Because my Studio is full to the brim of originals and pet portraits waiting to go out that my framing table can’t be seen!

I had to wait in for my bubble wrap and boxes but now that is here keep an eye out for more sale items so I can reclaim my framing table!

I did some more work on this sweet mice pair and I think tomorrow I will paint them as I have pretty much finished with the pen sketch.


I also have done some more work on this chap’s portrait. I hope to get him finished by Friday so I can ship out next week.


Coming up I have a boxer portrait and a springer spaniel, some of my fave breeds.

Just a little heads up I secured another four slots for Christmas yesterday, so if you are thinking of getting a pet portrait for Christmas I would get that slot booked asap. I just ask for a 30% deposit and the balance due upon completion.

Hope it’s sunnier where you are!