Well the dog maybe called sunny, but it hasn’t been very sunny unfortunately! I really think summer is over.

I have made some good progress with Sunny’s portrait and I am really enjoying painting his golden colours as it makes up for the lack of sun!

I am going to be adding some heather in front of, something similar to my portrait of Finn which can be found in my dog portrait gallery here.

20170910_150030Here you can see some of the stages and what a gorgeous colour he is!

20170911_103938Henry’s portrait wet down an absolute treat. Henry being a bridge baby was very hard to paint as they didn’t have the best photo, but apparently I captured him perfectly and his Dad was over the moon bring tears to his eyes!

Henry smallHere is the final portrait and you can read the testimonial here

This week I would really like to get both Beck and Sunny’s portraits finished all being well.