The website dashboard has all changed, editing is not how we know it, not how we know it Jim! So I am doing a little test post to see how I do everything. Am I getting old, I find it hard when it changes, maybe my intuition isn’t what it used to be, who knows? The tool bar at the top has moved, well actually gone pretty much bar a few icons. Uploading an image is completely different too. It appears differently in the post as well. 

It keeps asking for blocks, I don’t know what blocks are, but you can select different ones, a paragraph block, a gallery block, an image block. This is going to be a fun learning process

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All the images seem to fit my blog much better now, they didn’t always seem to fit tidily and it was a job on my never ending list to go through and edit. I will have to see what the rest of website views like. I am pretty sure it is nothing I clicked to update. Last time I did that it sent my website screwy and I had to get my designers to fix it, so I never press anything like that again.

I will have to try a video next. So far everything looks normal or as it should on the website! I think could have come fun with my blogs from now on!

Time for a video……lets get it uploaded


I can add overlays to my pet portrait videos now, here is a red one. Not sure what advantage they give. And also titles as you can see on the video above. That might be handy! I wonder if I can do that with images as well. This is fun! 

I was going to write a quick blog post and go to bed, but this has side tracked me somewhat! You can also put links in the text on the videos! I can have fun scheming with all these new features hahaha