Ok this is a bit of an empty blog, but I have started it in an attempt to get myself properly started working tomorrow. To be fair it’s not really that much of a challenge. Not like returning to a dull diddly dull office job! So I am not complaining.

I did a horse portrait toward the end of last year for my client (2017 – not in 2019 yet!) Of here handsome boy Cal. She wanted another to of TJ to go with him, TJ is a gorgeous grey. I do love greys. I have had a browse through and I can’t find a blog on Cal. I don’t think I was very good at updating them back then, but now I have incorporated it into my daily regime it really is a fun part of my day. I love talking about my job even if it is on here or to myself!

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Here is Cal’s portrait and TJ’s will sit nicely next him. He is facing the other way so it will be as if they are looking at each other which will look fabulous.

Here is the reference photo for TJ’s pastel portrait.

Reference photo for TJ’s Portrait

To match Cal’s portrait I have cropped in closer to TJ, plus we can get some lovely details in when it is closer. This is the crop I have decided on.

I will remove the head collar as it is an unsightly distraction for this portrait and as Cal isn’t wearing one it will definitely look better with it removed.

I have the outline all sketched out ready to go tomorrow, and I will take a photo of that and some progress shots for you to view as I go. Check back for updates then.

So as promised here is the outline drawing of TJ. I hope you can see it ok. I love his roman nose and the majestic pose he is holding.

I have managed to make a start today also and as per ususal started with his gorgeous, dark soulful eye! His coat is a mixture of cool and warm greys which is lovely. I won’t use whit at all apart from at the end for some final last minute highlights that I feel are needed. I am using a very light warm grey for all his light bits. I have also used some indigo and purples to build up some base colours for the cool parts of his coat. Tomorrow I shall be working on some more. I need to get back into a proper routine as I have been sleeping until 9.30/10am. Crazy as I am normally awake by 7am, but even the puppy hasn’t woken me up!

Today I managed to get a bit more done, but I was working off my Samsung tab. I always used to print my photos to work from, but now I just have them on my devices. However the screen has failed me and I am now having to put the reference photo on my phone which is a bit awkward as a I can’t prop it up and it’s awkward to hold, making my wrist ache and also it’s a small screen. I can still zoom in but I still like to see a large amount of the reference image. I can’t do that when zooming in on my phone so I can’t use other details as reference point etc. Anyway I still managed to do a bit and I am plellased with how it is coming together.

You can see how he is taking shape and looking more 3d. Also hopefully you can see where I am using both cool and warm greys.

I am slowly eeeking myself back into the work mode. As you may have read I was actually away for a few days after Christmas to recover after all the madness of commissions. I feel very relaxed, perhaps a little as I have found it hard to get myself going again! But then it is always quite hard when self employed to get the motivation back fully. It won’t take long though as I love what I do!

Speaking of getting back into work I did manage to get quite a bit of work done on TJ’s portrait. I am continuing to build up layers and ad details and I think I am nearly there. He needs to have some finishing touches worked on tomorrow and some of the colours need adjusting I am pretty sure. I will have a good look in the daylight and see. I have also added the light blue background and I think it sets him off beautifully. I will take a photo of that in the morning as usual the light has gone.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait for the lighter evenings. Makes later working easier for me, even though I have a daylight lamp and more time to squeeze in dog walks etc. I love evening walks with the dogs. Obviously if it is as hot as last summer it will be back to 6am and 7pm!

So I had a good session on TJ today and I am pretty happy he is virtually finished. I may adjust some bits tomorrow and I will be also sketching out my next two portraits. I have a gorgeous labradoodle to paint and a border collie. Both are on the larger size of 14×12 inches and 16×12 inches.

Here is TJs portrait. I need to find my memory stick so I can scan it in really, but can I find it. Not a chance! Hopefully I will do so tomorrow. I am terrible when I put things away for safe keeping! It’s a phone snap for now.

My client was over the moon with TJ’s portrait, there was only one amendment which was to lengthen his forlock. In the photos he had it shorter for some reason and she wanted it a bit longer than the reference photograph depicted. She sent me some more photos to help guide me and I adjusted it this morning and sent over the adjusted portrait for her to approve which she did. Below you can see where this has been one. Now all there is left to do is sign and pack the portrait and post out.

I have sketched out Ozzie’s dog portrait. He will be started either tonight or tomorrow, and I will be doing a blog you can follow as usual. He is going to be fun with all his curls!