Today has been a bit of a mixed bag. I have put together a couple of mock ups for some future pet portraits, one being for December, so be warned Christmas commissions are coming in already. I have had to chase down Digby’s portrait which we feared had gone missing g but finally turned up. That was a bit of a relief as I had left the receipt at my friend’s house.

I finally have got to start this double dog portrait. It’s been booked in since October last year and it is for my clients friend wedding in Germany. The photos are a little tricky to work from but I feel confident I can do them justice. In the original photograph they were sitting further apart, but for the purpose of the composition and size my client wanted I moved them closer together in the painting.

Here you can see the progress I have made so far today

It is a very similar colour to the background in Sam’s pet portrait, it will pick up their tan markings quite nicely. I can’t wait to get to get started on the long haired boy. I love painting long hair.

More progress updates tomorrow!

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