The shows really are exhausting and I felt really tired, plus it is my husbands birthday which is always a good excuse to be a bit slow on the work front. I will definitely be more motivated tomorrow.

I did manage to sketch out my next dog portrait though and started blocking in the main shapes.

I think I often break the animal down into shapes when working on their portraits rather than seeing the whole dog or horse. A bit like a jigsaw puzzle. As you can see I have started blocking in the dark, light and mid tones all over the dog. As I proceed I shall add more details and layers and bring all the sections together. I don’t know if any of you are pet portrait artists and work in the same way? I can jump around from section to section a bit so some parts of the portrait will look more finished than other parts. I always think I work in a rather random fashion. I would love to offer tuition but wonder if my randomness maybe a little to confusing.

I might try and explain the steps of this portrait as I go! I keep meaning to every time I start a new one, but get so engrossed I forget.

Anyway this is how far I have got so far!This is going to be such a sweet portrait when finished, my client liked the portrait I did of the lab lying down and she wanted something similar. Hopefully she will be pleased with the end result!

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