I managed to finish my triple dog portrait this weekend which I am really pleased about and I have started Dave the collies portrait too.

I plan to get his done, a minature schnauzer portrait completed and a pen and watercolour portrait If at all possible a third started towards the end of the week. Things are just so busy I almost don’t know where to begin. I also need to get my first giraffe painting on to canvas this week. We had a slightly change in colours at my clients request. She wanted blues and yellows added so I did another draft this week and I think we are good to go. Just the 2nd one to plan out as she didn’t like the angle of the giraffe in the sketch I did.

Here you can see the revised sketch/painting.


Below you can also see the triple dog portrait and I have also added some close ups of each individual dog. Just waiting for the frame to arrive on Tuesday so I can it framed and shipped out.


I framed and packed up Rusty’s portrait ready to be posted tomorrow, so all in all it has been a very productive weekend!