I really have forgotten how much hard work puppies are. Honestly she is the most adorable little dog and I adore her, but what a pickle. Despite being not far off the smelliest dog in the world she has managed to work out how to get on my lap while I am working on my portraits, or even more importantly when I am eating my dinner. The potty training has been somewhat of a disaster today, but I am.so tired I think I am off the boil a bit.

She is suffering from separation anxiety, mainly if I leave l, even to go to the toilet. It is going to be a tricky one to over come and I believe in positive reinforcement training only. I have a plan to help her, but I have some appointments next week I can’t change so I am not sure how it will pan out. I will let you know.

I have pretty much finished the triple dog portrait. I have just popped it to one side for now. I think I will add some more bluebells and finer details, bar that I think it is finished and I am waiting for approval from my client.

I have started a gorgeous border collie portrait. The frame will be in next week and I am loving every minute of this portrait. I will post a photo for you tomorrow. Photos of my paintings take an age to upload on my phone.

I must remember. Nudge me if I forget.

Anyway, back to the drawing board and puppy training again…. . .

Sweet dreams everyone