I love getting horse portraits, and I am not sure I have blogged about these three.

My client sent me 6 or 7 photos to work from and I had to tailor it quite a lot to get them working together. The left hand horse had to be darkened has he was in bright sunlight and the others weren’t so it would have looked a little odd. I had to lighten the shadows and darken parts where the sun was really bright.

I had to remove a bridle and head collar too and use other photos to help me get ears and eyes right. As with any pet portrait I can make changes to the original photo to give you exactly what you want. Well within reason!

Always ask when commissioning a pet paintng as you would be surprised at what I can do. Years of painting dogs, cats and horses have given me a good understanding of parts of their anatomy so adjustments can often be made providing I have enough reference material.


Here are the reference photos so you can see what I have done for my clients, well it is actually the mock up we agreed on, as you can see I lightened and darkened the horse on the left using other reference photos to get the colouring right, had collars and bridles were reomved and I was left to decide on the background that would compliment the painting the best.

My Client was over the moon and so was his wife. You can read his email to me here

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