Selfish hunt(er)s
I’m sick of these selfish, wealthy and greedy trophy hunters justifying their destruction of our beautiful elephants and big cats in Africa and elsewhere as ‘contributing to conservation’.
It’s pure blood lust and ‘little man’ (and woman) syndrome. The morally corrupt governments’ who take their blood money are no better. Apparently the latter will happily take anything between $20,000 and $60,000 from the former.
Well here’s an idea guys and girls. If you’ve got a spare fifty thousand and you care, as you say, about wildlife give it straight to the renowned conservation organisations working hard on the ground in the African continent. I’m sure they’ll gladly let you pose with some of the beautiful beasts alive. This probably won’t satisfy you though unless you can severe their heads after cowardly hunting them as cheap the price prey.
I don’t think we will ever change their arrogant minds but I’m determined to do something positive to counter this negativism of these people.
Over the winter I plan to create a unique wildlife calendar for 2017 to raise money to support the genuine conservationists – people who care about ensuring a sustainable future for the planets great animals.
I simply don’t buy the argument that these fat cats (not the lions or tigers by the way) are helping in any constructive way towards conservation strategy.
Yes, of course, the game reserve managers and veterinary scientists may need to introduce a culling programme from time to time. However I’d argue, from a rational perspective, that the world’s species have managed themselves quite well for thousands and millions of years despite the Ice Age and other climate change extremes….
Any way watch this space and follow me on Twitter (@SarahsPortraits) for the latest news on my plans.