Until all my pet portraits are finished for Christmas. I am so looking forward to having a break with my kids. I will have to start my new year work, and to be honest I get itchy feet doing nothing so I might get some personal projects done too.

I had a client collect a portrait today and another tomorrow. Two gift vouchers and a print posted today.

I started Monty’s portrait also. I finished the triple sheep portrait and my client is delighted. I am so happy as it is an unusual animal for m to paint so it presented its own challenges, which I loved.

I have titled it ‘The Three Amigos’ I don’t know why I named it as I don’t normally name commissioned pieces. Obviously my client will name it something else, but I like it and it has stuck!

sheep_small a


I am definitely pleased with the out come of this portrait.

I also found Romeo’s portrait arrived safely and I got sent this lovely photo of him with his painting. I love photos like this.

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If you have a painting by me I would love to see your furs beside it!