I think the Northern Lights hold a lot of magic for people. I know they do me, one of the wonders if this beautiful planet we live on. Many years ago I was lucky enough to witness their beauty, in Knockholt, South East England. A late night walk back from the pub and there they were stretched, dancing across the sky. My now husband said it’s the Northern Lights. I laughed and said don’t be daft, but there it was in the news the next day. One of perhaps two or three times they have been seen this far south. I know people who spend thousands trying to get to see them, and there they were for me, putting on their light show after an impromptu late stay in the local public house!

Ever since then I have been inspired to paint them, and this piece has been a long time forming in my mind and taken almost as long to paint. I think this piece has been worked on since 2016. Fits and starts. Well now here it is. I guess I may take as long to decide on a title! If you have any ideas, please feel free to suggest them.

I will be releasing them as prints very soon, if you are interested, please let me know.

The first print is due in tomorrow, I am so excited to get prints. I will let you know when it arrives and how it has turned out, work out a price and if you are interested in purchasing one you can let me know.

So excited to receive the first print of the painting which I am also delighted to announce has finally got a title

Solar Polars

Why you may ask, because the northern lights are triggered by solar storms! I am lucky my husband is good at this, because I think most of pieces would be untitled?

The prints measure just under 16×12 inches and will be a limited edition run of 150. The first one will be going to Mind and the second has already sold to a private collector!

Here is a photo of the first print to land on my doorstep!