Well it is that time of year where I am flooded with Christmas Commissions again. I am fully booked for pet portraits now, unless I get ahead of myself. I have learnt from many years of experience it’s not worth over booking myself as all it takes is a bug an I can be knocked so far behind my stress levels become ridiculous! It’s not worth it. Plus I miss out on time with my family. They won’t be young forever!

I have sent off Pugsley in the post today and I shall eagerly wait to hear of his safe arrival. Always a stressful time when my pet portraits are in transit. Keeping everything crossed, can you too please!

I am now going to start prepping for my next two pet portraits. I have stunning white GSD, called Luna. I painted her two spaniels earlier on in the year and I am now doing this gorgeous dogs portrait for her to gift to her son. He will be sitting in a field of poppies with a blue sky peaking through the clouds. I think the poppies will really make Luna stand out. 

I am also going to start a beautiful dog in the field called Lady and a loely black lab. Seems to be a lot of black dogs at the moment as I have a black cocker spaniel to paint! So back to the drawing board for me now! Catch up with you tomorrow!

I was meant to get back to my nordic walking yesterday, just to see how my foot held up. It is definitely a vast improvement on how it was a few weeks ago and I am walking the dogs daily without any ill effects. It still can be sore and today is one of these weird days where it hurts somewhere different to most other days. It is a strange condition. Anyway, I can’t wait to get back to it and I am going to try on Thursday instead as Monday was a disaster. I never made it due to traffic! The M25 was shut and then the main road was closed and the diversion took me down the A25, the road where all the motorway traffic was diverted also. Mission impossible haha.

Today I have achieved most of my goals. Canvas prepped ready for the large Jolly Splashes Pet Portrait, Luna sketched out, and Lady sketched out. 

I am also working on a cat portrait, who was actually a gift voucher. It is of a gorgeous 12 year old tabby cat called Shadie.