Well, hello July. At least the weather has been better. Still not as warm, but to be honest, I am not sorry. Last year was far too hot for me, I spent most of it melting. It was walk the dogs etc, so as long as it stays sunny and around 22-25 degrees it’s lovely all round. Makes it easier for the nordic walking too!

I lead my second walk this week on Thursday, still nervous I am not going to lie, but fingers crossed all will go well. Part of me is looking forward to it.

On the painting front I posted Taffy’s dog painting today, and I started a small cat portrait. A cat called Pebbles. It is only a tiny one. I don’t normally paint pet paintings that small in pastels, but I think I may do more if there is interest. It is proving quite a lot of fun! Lot’s of pencil sharpening to get the fine details though!

Hopefully I can show you the finished cat painting tomorrow, as it really needs to go in the post to my client Wednesday, I am nearly caught up thank goodness. I posted the correct dog portrait of Taffy today and then after Pebbles pet painting it is back to the dog portaits this month with one horse portrait and hew owner. I have painted this gorgeous horses portrait before, if you want to read about him you can here. Cruz.

I have been busy as I mentioned on a few other portraits. One is of Remi, and dog portrait in pencil rather than pastels for a change. I am really pleased with how she has turned out. I find graphite a little tricky as I don’t use it very often, but this I am pleased with.

Remi, dog portrait in pencil. Portrait size 10x8 inches on arches HP paper

I also finished a cat portrait yesterday, Pebbles. Pebbles portrait went in the post to her owners today, she was only a small cat painting at 6×6 inches, but I am pleased with the level of detail I managed to get in her portrait for such a small one.

What do you think?

Cat portrait in pastels, tabby and white lying on a chair.

Not much to tell in other news, but I have sketched out Cruz’ next portrait. Another large one at 16×16 inches and it has his owner in it, so it’s not just a horse portrait, but it is a human one too! Not used to painting skin instead of fur, but I think it will be an ideal one to get back into the swing of regularly blogging as it is such a large one it will take some time and will be able to make post updates as I go!

I am feeling much better. I have finally got a proper blog post under way, I have grabbed a good day in the studio today painting Cruz and I actually have a lot of studio time lined up over the next week which is great. It feels like a long time since I had a consistent period of painting pets! It goes like that, but it is fab to get back to it. Coming up I have a border collie to paint, two retrievers, a double dog portrait and of course Cruz. I can’t remember what is after these, but it’s good to get back to it!

I guess Saturday is pretty much my day off of the weekend. I always work, I never take a complete day off, but if there is a day I usually do the least amount it is Saturday. Possibly followed by another day in the week. That just depends on what happens I guess. Or maybe a couple of half days and more often not. So today is the day I have not worked much. I went nordic walking, came home and slept, walked the dogs and did a bit more on my current horse portrait, Cruz. That folks has been my Saturday pretty much! I will be update Cruz’s blog so saunter over there if you fancy a read!