It’s been one of those days today where I feel I haven’t done much, but in reality I have actually done quite a lot. Just not a lot to show for it I guess! There seem to be a few of those recently, but there has been a lot of packing and planning shipping of pet portraits. Today I got confirmation that Cruz has been delivered safely, phew, that was weighing on my mind. It was a big portrait, massive in fact and I sent it on a 24 hour delivery on Thursday and it got delayed! No fault of anyone, just bad luck. Luckily parcelforce kept me updated along the way and it was finally delivered today. I felt shattered when I got the news. I think I had been much more worried about it than I realised. Obviously I was very worried, I worry about all my pet portraits as a lot of time, energy and love goes into each piece, but extra stress is exhausting. Even better news is the recipient loves it! There was a lot of thought put into this painting by my client, little bits like the hedgehog and the poppies had a lot of significance too. 

I have packed up the black lab ready to go too. I had hoped to ship that last week, but the cold got the better of me. I did get a lot done still, but I just couldn’t stretch to getting that out. I hate being stopped by illness, but sometimes you just have to listen to your body! I am still not 100%, I am very tired, but at least most of the cold symptoms have gone now.

Tomorrow will involve another post office trip and sketching and working out my next few commissions. I need to get new year frames ordered (I am hoping that by writing this down I will remember as I have been meaning too for days now and I am running out of time!) I will sketch out the next two commissions, one is a horse portrait and another is a dog portrait. I am going to try another time lapse of at least one of these, so watch out for the blog!

What a day Tuesday has been. I don’t normally update my blog at this time of night, but I have literally downed tools for the day. I started at 8am and ended at 9pm. I am shattered and seeing double, so I think sleep is definitely in order. 

I packed up the large labrador portrait I finished a few weeks ago. That was tricky as it was so large and I had to fashion some secure and sturdy packaging. I luckily managed to grab a neighbours large box they were throwing out on Monday morning. I thought it might be useful then, good to recycle too I think. I could by lovely pretty packaging for my paintings, but I figure it is better to my bit for the planet.

Here you can see the fun I had in my living room packing it all up today! Maggie was rather curious about it all too! I think she wanted to get in the parcel at one point, bless her!

Wow, what a couple of days and things definitely come in threes that is for sure. From 3 failed frame deliveries to 3 missed nordic walks and I am sure there are others! I just don’t feel like I have stopped and yet I don’t feel like I have an awful lot to show for it! 

Nevermind. I am so excited for my Christmas nordic walk and brunch on Saturday. Being that I don’t get a Christmas do being self employed this will make up for it. I have even gone as far as an outfit for it and I hate dressing up. What is going on! Is it something to do with turning 40?! Who knows. If you have any ideas please feel free to let me know. I will share a photo on Saturday so please check back for a laugh! 

Sunday, how is it Sunday! I can’t believe it has been a few days since I updated. It’s been so busy and I must admit I am still not 100%, but I have just been focusing on getting everything done for Christmas so I can relax with the kids.

I had my Nordic Walking Christmas lunch yesterday. I was pretty much the only one who really dressed up! I put tinsel on my poles and made a very poor attempt at being a Christmas Tree, but I had fun!

We were due to eat a hot meal in the Raspberry Rooms, a new tearoom in Brasted, but they had a power cut. I felt so sorry for them as they had gone to so much trouble, but they didn’t let it defeat them. They managed enough hot water for everyone to have tea and made us all sandwiches and cake. Well done them. It was delicious and we will go back in the New Year for a second attempt. I can’t wait as the staff were lovely and the food good too.

Anyway today has been about finalising bits and pieces, framing and so on. I have 3 to pack and go out this week and then I am going to chip away at my New Year pet portrait commission list!

I am off to bed now as I am getting up early for my Monday nordic walk!