I completely forgot to start my weekly blog post. If I am honest I am rushed off my feet at the moment with work. Not that I am complaining. It’s good to have lots of lovely pet portraits to cheer up the dull January and February. That and the 6 nations which is starting in a few weeks. Then I now that by the time that is finished spring is definitely knocking on the door.

I have finished 3 portraits this week and tomorrow I will be sketching out a big Akita portrait a quadruple border Collie portrait and a double Cavalier King Charles Spaniel portrait. All these need to be done by the end of the month. I am going to be shattered. Luckily it will help pay for the accountant and Maggies spay. I am dreading that.

Today I framed Megs portrait and that got posted. Monday I managed a nordic walk, but my foot is definitely not ready for the workout walk we do on Thursdays. It’s a bit too high impact as been it’s been a bit achey. I did have hopes yesterday I might make it, but no point putting myself back. However frustrating it maybe!

It’s been an itty bitty day today. I had to do some admin and I was getting my haircut, needed to walk the dogs, and annoyingly flared my ankle up again! Very frustrated. I have managed to sketch out the double King Cavalier Spaniel portrait and tomorrow I will have finished King, so there will be new blogs up for both of those. I do love starting a new blog. I have also finished, well nearly finished this little chaps portrait. I didn’t get any progress shots so I have decided not to give him a whole blog to himself. Sorry about that. Just the bow tie to finish and tidying up and he is done.

Dog portrait

Tomorrow I will get a mornings work in before I go out for a few hours. Yay, I can’t actually wait. I am so looking forward to it. Not getting out walking is driving me slowly crazy, and loosing my fitness is really upsetting me. Don’t worry though, there will be lots of tea and talking, but no cake!

At least I am managing to get out for some dog walks, that is something. Back to icing the foot. Not fun in this freezing weather!

So some of the coubtry is getting the white stuff. Are you and if so where are you? We had a brief and very light flurry yesterday morning. Not sure if we are due any more, but I do like to follow the charts and forums and do a bit of snoe ramping. Nothing like a bit of lamp, post watching either! I would love some snow and I know my kids are desperately wanting to snow.

I managed a bit of work today. But I had a lovey afternoon with my friend. A bit of well deserved time off! I worked those evening on the double cavalier King Charles spaniel portrait and would really like to get it finished by the end of Monday, if not the end of the weekend.

Had a lovely chilled Saturday. Did some housework. Never fun, but today the kids really helped which was amazing. Daisy was collected by my client today. A lovely lady who has offered to take some flyers for me too. I took a walk with Maggie. Poor luke has gone lame in his left back leg so I have been resting him since Tuesday. I can tell he is not happy with me, but he isn’t holding it up so much of at all now. I think tomorrow I will take him on a gentle lead walk to get him out and see how he goes. Not much else to say really. I will hopefully have some exciting news, reveal tomorrow though!