Wow, I haven’t written anything in this blog have I?! I set up and then never wrote a bean hahaha! I think that proves how bust I have been this week and I fear next week will not be much quieter! Never mind, saves being bored doesn’t it! 

This week hasn’t been a huge amou t about the pet portraits, sadly due to my daughter and myself having medical appointments and so on. Working out the walks I am leading next week and a little self care which has been lacking recently. Namely a nice big nap this afternoon and tomorrow a lovely walk with my friend Bev. We are going to take the dogs. Well, luke will be rested but he actually had time off the lead yesterday. But maggie will be coming and meeting molly their labrador. She needs to meet some other dogs. Mainly because I was so ill last summer she didn’t get the socialisation I wanted her to have. Couple with she is the smallest dog in the planet virtually, she gets scared very easily! 

I am absolute going to refrain from commenting where we are in the month, and how far through the year we are. I am in denial. I don’t actually want to know.

What I do want know is that next week is going to be better. That I am going to get back into the swing of my pet portraits as I need to paint to relieve some stress and continue ticking off work on my exceptionally busy schedule! I will get there. I always do.

Interestingly I have a graphite portrait to start this week of a gorgeous lab called Remi. I have to think hard about them as I don’t often do dog portraits on this mefoi.. It is nice to get a change though, so I will definitely sure to write a better blog than last weeks attempts. Think I can be excused though.

Back to the wounded soldier she will be having another day off tomorrow as she really is in so much pain and that poor arm is so vulnerable she and I are both terrifie of her knocking it. I hope it heals quickly, poor girl.

I have managed to get back to the Jolly Splashes pet portraits the last few days! It has been so much fun. They are a bit of a stress buster, I am not going to lie. I actually realised I loved how this one came out without the outline, but they are commissions so the outline will be going down.

There is another to match this one and they have another, so this will be the third Jolly Splashes Dog portrait I have painted for them! It’s so lovely to see them being appreciated so much!

I was digging through my old laptop to find some old work. I wasn’t 100% sure that my Google drive had backed up all my old pet portraits properly, so I need to have a look and get it sorted. Anyway in the process of the search I stumbled across Charlie, who I painted in 2008. A parrot! See I don’t just paint the usual pet portraits. I have painted cows, sheep and parrots, so drop me an email and discuss the weird and wonderful of the pet portrait commission world with me!

I remember this beautiful bird and doing his portrait now. I had completely forgotten about him until now. It is funny how a photo can trigger a whole world of memories! I think this is my second parrot portrait, the first was in acrylics when Nicola was a baby, so around 2006! This was a couple of years later. I remember my client asking me to change what he was standing on to a branch and adding the rain. I think he may have been wet in the photo so we decided to change the painting slightly to fit this. My memory is slightly hazy. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this painting.