Weird goings on. I just logged in to write this post and the formatting is all weird so I have come to my mobile phons to write this blog. 

I am so sorry but I think with getting ready to go away and all the work I had to get done last week’s blog got neglected. Next up is a very large pet portrait of two doberman. It will be 20×16 inches and as it is so large I am intending to give their pet painting its very own blog! More on that soon. 

So as you know I went away to participate in my first ever nordic walking half marathon, well my first ever half marathon full stop. Well it never happened. My stupid foot injury pulled the plug on that idea and despite not walking it, I seem to have come back with a worse injury. I am hobbling round looking really rather daft and feeling rather sorry for myself. Nevermind the rest of the group did amazing, with Liz and Colin winning the woman’s and men’s respectively and Jane coming 3rd out of the women! Everyone else was so close behind. Ide Hill Nordic walkers smashed it!! 


Slowly reeking myself back into the world of work. It is amazing with only 4 days off how hard it can be to find the self motivation to get back into it. I have sketched out my next two pet portraits, the double doberman portrait and the a beautiful cocker spaniel which was a gift voucher gift. I shall be starting seperate blogs for least one of the pet portraits so be sure to check back soon! 

I have also managed a non pet portrait piece. A Highland cow in my Jolly slashes style. She has been sitting there sketched out for weeks and I have just got no further with her, but I am delighted with how her portrait has turned out. 


I will scan her in tomorrow and I will update the image then! 

So I finally got round to the scanning today and I am really back into the swing of painting again, which is good as I have a lot of pet portraits to get through, and the books are fairly full for Christmas. I may close them and re open them if I get ahead of schedule, but I am undecided yet. I just need to be careful not overbook and I have a lot of large commissions to do. I also don’t want to get burnt out and stale, particularly so if I am off my foot still. It is so painful. If you have any suggestions for plantar fasciitis I would love to know as it is getting me down now.

Any as promised here is the scan of my gorgeous Hairy Coo….


I love this colour combination, you can probably tell, I think my last Jolly Splashes pet portrait was in this colour combination. It jus works so well, and I love pink as you may know, I have pink hair after all hahaha!

I also scanned in my latest completed pet portrait, the Gorgeous Australian cattle dog. ACD. Isn’t she lovely. such a kind face I think. I love how the green background works so well with her painting. I am using a lot of green, been using it for the double doberman portrait I am working on. I will set up the blog for that tomorrow and add a link.