Hi everyone, how are you? I have to say I am starting to feel a little better after the GP changed my meds. I think I have to wait a few days for the hormones to settle down or reduce. Maybe I am constantly looking to feel sick. I don’t know. When you start to feel better you realise how rubbish you actually felt. It wasn’t just the sickness, but exhaustion too.

I have found work increasingly difficult over the last two weeks and I really am trying hard to get back on track. It was derailed yesterday by the very sad news my friend died of cancer. I have to say, this year has been pretty rubbish on many fronts. I have faced everything without a drop of alcohol. Yes I decided to go t-total. I feel so much better for it. When you do decide to go t-total it makes you realise how much we rely on alcohol in modern society. Bad day, have a glass of wine, good day, lets celebrate with wine, going out for dinner, lets have a nice bottle of wine. Friday night, lets go to the pub. Facing many of the challenges in life completely sober has been a raw experience, just as last night was, facing the loss of a friend. But it’s good not to have every emotion numbed by something and face up to the raw and naked facts.

Anyway I have been working on double spaniel portraits at the moment. One of two black and white spaniels and another which is of a lemon cocker and liver springer in the beautiful scottish heather. I am delighted with how they are coming along and I have also started another pet portrait of CKCS called Mango! Don’t you just think that is the best name! I love original names like that. I am useless at thinking of them for my dogs, hence Maggie and Luke. Another fabulous name an artist friend has called her new Welsh Collie is Noodle. Just love it!